Alexander Technique


What is the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique is a gentle hands on method which aims to improve your posture and general well being by releasing undue tension and increasing your awareness of daily habits that may be causing pain or discomfort. Tension tightens and shortens muscles causing a wide range of health issues. The Alexander Technique will teach you how to release such tension and discover an effortless way of moving, making everyday activities easier and hence more enjoyable.


What can the Alexander Technique do?
The technique can help with all stress related issues: lower back pain, shoulder and neck problems, sciatica,  and headaches to name but a few. It also aids confidence when speaking in public or performing in sporting or musical activities especially. AT also improves how you tackle simple everyday tasks such as gardening or housework, even how you get up from a chair!


 What happens during a lesson?    
Lessons last 45 minutes and typically include some time on a massage table where you will learn how to use your mind/body connection to improve your alignment and release tension. Then, using gentle guidance and verbal instructions you will learn to observe your body use and discover how to change long held habits. 
(No special clothing is needed, just comfortable trousers and a pair of warm socks!)
 Sue Rotheram STAT 
Sue has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 13 years following a 3 year full time training course in York. She moved to the Isle of Man 6 years ago after visiting the Island to teach two or three times a year since 2009. Her earlier career in education means she is an extremely experienced teacher and she uses many different ways to convey what the Alexander Technique is all about.


Check out Sue's website by clicking here.

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