Deep Tissue Massage / Swedish Massage

Daniel-Sebastian Gray (VTCT/RQF L3) is our new massage therapist.


Massage therapy provides many physical and mental health benefits, such as: 


• reduced muscle tension
• improved circulation
• stimulation of the lymphatic system
• reduction of stress hormones
• increased joint mobility and flexibility
• improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
• heightened mental alertness
• reduced anxiety and depression.


It can be used to promote relaxation and stress reduction, as well as to combat muscle tension and support injury recovery. All treatments are unique to the client and their needs.

Swedish Massage

This is a traditional Swedish style massage, including all techniques for an invigorating yet relaxing full body massage. Swedish massage promotes venous return and lymphatic drainage, as well as reduces stress and anxiety. Light to medium pressure as desired. 

60-minute full body treatment £50 
30-minute back only treatment £30 

Deep Tissue Maintenance Massage

This deep tissue maintenance massage is designed to aid recovery and prevent injury, release pressure on tight soft tissue and adhesions, and assist in blood flow and venous return. This massage is ideal for correcting problems following repetitive strenuous activities, and for those often engaged in sporting/physical activities. 

60-minute full body treatment £50 

All massage treatment times include a consultation and assessment prior to treatment.

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