Avetah Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a pain management technique that is taught to release this fear and anxiety before the onset of labour through focus, relaxation and visualisation techniques using breathing and positive affirmations AND with lots of practice from around the 28th week of pregnancy.


It is not a form of analgesia that is given at any given moment where the effects are felt immediately.   Likewise, it is not a technique that puts you into a trance-like state that is commonly seen with hypnosis on TV, you are fully aware of your presence and your surroundings.


By remaining calm and in control the body is allowed to labour smoothly and efficiently, working in harmony with your natural hormones and thus the natural process of labour unfolds without interruption or intervention.


Avetah Hypnobirthing, based on the renowned KGHynobirthing training  programme, provides an antenatal education package that provides you with knowledge and skills empowering you to be fully in control of your labour and birth,  enabling you to enjoy the wonderful and magical experience of childbirth in a calm, gentle and most natural way.


Paula Hopkins - Avetah Hypnobirthing

We're sorry.. Hypnobirthing cannot be booked online.

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