Pilates / Piloxing Barre

The Pilates Method builds strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility and control in the body.
Piloxing Barre is a blend of Pilates and boxing inspired cardio moves using a Barre and weighted gloves are optional. It's high energy yet focused - fluid yet powerful.
Rehabilitation exercises rebalance the muscles and restore good posture and promote correct motor control and muscle firing.


Lianne's Experience

Lianne is fully qualified in classical and contemporary Pilates including mat, privates and all specialized  Pilates equipment. Her Pilates teaching started in 2000 with continuous education to keep all skills current and up to date. Prior to this she was fitness trainer, gym instructor and exercise to music teacher.

She has been a qualified Piloxing and Piloxing Barre instructor since 2012 and specialized herself to posture analysis and rehabilitation. She is qualified to advanced level of ante and post natal exercise.

All ages, levels and genders are welcome to classes. Those with injuries or pain are accepted to class and any adaptions of exercise or movements will be implemented to facilitate requirements of individual needs.

Lianne Gregory

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