Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a gentle but effective way for children and young people to resolve trauma that they have experienced and are unable to move on from. Within sessions, our therapist will use a combination of creative activities and counselling techniques to help children to be able to release their trauma, often held in the subconscious. Once we have been able to release the emotions that are connected to the trauma, children are able to process the negative events in their lives in a more  healthy way that will enable them to blossom. 


Our Therapist, Donna, has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings since 2000. She began training with Play Therapy UK in 2012 and is now an Accredited Play Therapist. Since qualifying, she has completed additional training to include counselling skills within her practice to be able to help children in the manner most suited to the individual. 


Donna's Qualifications:

BSc Health and Social Care

Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy

Post Qualifying Creative Counsellor for Children & Young People

Donna Murphy

We're sorry.. Play Therapy cannot be booked online.

To make a Play Therapy Appointment please call: 07624 239153

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