Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Our Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond service provided by therapist Barbara Roberts offers a range of treatments and support for expectant and new mothers.


Lactation Services:

Initial consultation lasting upto 2 hours, with follow up appointments of 90 minutes where necessary.


Frenulotomy Service:

In the mouth there is a piece of skin called the frenulum, which attaches the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. If this piece of skin is shorter, thicker or tighter than usual, a baby is described as 'having a tongue tie'. The procedure to divide a tongue tie is called 'Frenulotomy' and is a minor surgical procedure which we offer following initial assessments.


Parenting Workshops:

We offer a variety of parenting workshops available to attend:

  • Baby Weaning
  • Breastfeeding
  • Grandparents Workshop
  • Practical Skills for Parenting

Baby Calm Workshops (starting Jan 2018):

  • Antenatal Workshop
  • Preparing to Parent Course
  • 4th Trimester Workshop
  • Nurturing Baby Course
  • Baby Calming Workshop
  • Baby Sleep Workshop
  • Baby Weaning


Toddler Clam Workshops & Courses:

  • Behaviour Workshop
  • Building Better Brains Workshop
  • Toddler Eating Workshop
  • Toddler Sleep Workshop


For more details on Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond...

Please call us on 01624 852140 for more information about the services and courses available.

Barbara Roberts

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